The Town of Dubí

75 Points of Interest

The town of Dubí – a town full of surprise – is to be found at the foothills of the Krušné Mountains at the elevation 300-420 m a.s.l. In Czech language its name is derived from oak forests. The settlement was probably established by the miners, who mined tin ore in the vicinity and who chose this place as their resort. In the past the town of Dubí was not saved from adverse events. The Thirty Years´War and the Napoleon Army devastated the town heavily. When William Vchynský, the owner of the Teplice earldom, was killed alongside Albrecht Wallenstein in the town of Cheb in 1634, the town of Dubí became the ownership of the Clary-Aldrigens family. Then the town inhabitanst enjoyed so called golden period, which was interrupted by the World War II. The municipalities of Mstišov, Pozorka, Bystřice, Drahůnky, Běhánky and Cínovec belong administratively to the town of Dubí. The Bystřice stream and the Neruda stream run through the town. In the town multiple historic and environmental sights can be found. What used to be major attraction was car race from Dubí to Cínovec. In 1926 well know racer Eliška Junková won this particular race.