Old Martin Mining Tunnel

75 Points of Interest

The Old Martin mining tunnel used to be one of the most important mining sites of the Krupka basin. It reached at one of richest and longest tin ore seam (the Lukáš Seam). Mining at this place started in the course of the 14th century and had been completed before World War II. The Old Martin tunnel enables the visitors to see the manners of driving long mining tunnels, diferences between tunnel timbering/reinforcing in the past and in the presence, the manners of mining tin ore (at selected sites), which show the development of the mining technology, the typical sectors of the Lukáš Seam, with its mineral fill, collection of historical articles, exhibition of all armours of all the mining towns in the Czech Republic and exhibition of minerals and rocks. So called „Spring of Happiness“ and stalactite decoration are also major attractions. On the open area in front of the tunnel there is a museum of both historic and present-day mining technologies.