Theresa Spa Complex in Dubí

75 Points of Interest

After 1860 the development of Dubí as a spa resort started – when the town was visisted by Anton Tschinkel, a manufacturer, who looked for a suitable place for manufacture of barrels. He was enchanted by the local foothill climate to such an extent that he agreed with Josef Löschner, a balneologist, to establish there a water treatment spa complex named Diana Spa. Tschinkel also had so called „milk establishment“ built. In 1878 Tomáš Novák, a civil engineer, had the Teresa Spa built there in Swiss style, whose name is derived from the name of his wife. This spa complex was a highlight of the town. The spa complex served for treatment of nerve illnesses and its specialities included all types of baths, treatment employing electricity as well as other treatment procedures. The spa complex was visited by Jan Neruda, Saxony queen as well as by other personalities from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The spa buildings underwent extensive reconstructions on multiple occasions. Barrier-free access is significant advantage of the complex as well as its position within a forest park.