75 Points of Interest

This historic royal mining town in some 5 km distance from the town of Dubí is to be found at the Krušné Mountains foothills. It is well know in particularly due to tin ore mining activities. It is likely that the first people that settled at this place did so as early as the Bronze Age. The oldest written references about the town date back to 1330. The process of ore washing was gradually replaced by underground mining. Miners` settlements were established and the town was becoming ever richer. Completion of railway from Ústí nad Labem to Teplice, in 1858, enabled further development of industrial and mining business. Despite the fact that the town of Krupka is associated with mining of underground deposits, one can also find there multipte significant historic sights and attractive sites, which are worth visiting. For instance, visitors can see a protected (due to historical reasons) zone of Krupka, which is amongst the best preserved town complexes in the north-west Bohemia. Todays` Husitská Street with street-type square is the core of the town. In the Middle Ages it used to be the centre of town life. The great majority of the most important town sights are to be found there: hospital church of St. Holy Ghost, Orthodox Church dedicated to St. Venceslav, town church of Our Lady Ascension with wooden bell tower and clergyman`s house, baroque statue of St. František Xaverský, museum in the former burgess house, and the Krupka castle complex.