75 Points of Interest

The Krušné Mountains are a region where there are multiple mountains springs and streams, which are the source of palatable water for the inhabitants of the basins to be found below the Krušné Mountains. Some mountain streams of the Krušné mountains supply water to multiple artificial lakes. One of the lake is to be found in the Dubí region: Fláje artificial water reservoir. The Fláje water reservoir (supplied with water by the Flájský stream) was built in the 1951 – 1964 period. Due to its unique reconstruction it is listed in the list of technical sights of the Czech Republic. The artificial lake emerged due to building sole dam (the only one of this type in the Czech Republic) which is 47,5 metres high and it retains 22,4 million cubic metres of water, whilst the surface of the flooded area is 149 hectares. It serves as a source of palatable water. In close proximity to the Fláje reservoir, in the direction to the Český Jiřetín village, floating canal is to be found, which was built in the 1624 – 1629 period. It used to be used for transportation of logs from virgin forest existed in the Fláje valley still early 17th century. A matter of curiosity is also relocation of wooden Fláje church, which had been disassembled and newly built in the nearby Český Jiřetín village.