Město Dubí - Brána Krušných hor

Welcome to City Dubi


The City Dubí lies on the the foot of the Krušné Mountains, is known as a spa resort with a developing tourist infrastructure and the northernmost point of Venetian architecture in Europe, which represents the Church of Panny Marie. The most important now is the Czech porcelain, where is produced world-famous "Cibulak". The town has several large companies involved in glass production.

Parts of the town - 7: Dubi, Běhánky, Bystřice Drahůnky, Cínovec, Mstisov, Pozorka.

Number of inhabitants: 7880

Municipal area: 33 km2

Town Hall
Ruská 264
417 01 Dubi, Czech Republic

Phone / fax: +420417571041, +420417571399