Chair Lift to the Komáří vížka

75 Points of Interest

The longest European chair lift without intermediate station has been operating since 1953 and will bring you to the Komáří vížka – 806 metres above sea level. Despite the fact that the natives might tend to derive its name from the Czech world „mosquito“, this is not absolutely the case. The name came into being due to incorrect translation of the German term „Mücken“, i.e. mosquito, but, in fact, the name is derived from the Wendish priests` carried out their ceremonies on the summit. The older Czech name „Kněžiště“ reflects this historical fact. The wrong translation resulting in the name thas something to do with mosquitos contributed to emergence of a legend on a robber, who stole from an old lady`s her last cow and was struck to death by mosquitos as a punishment for his acting.