Běhánky a Drahůnky

Běhánky a Drahůnky

Běhánky and Drahůnky

Both of the former municipalities were already in the history of the political community Dubí and it was until 1877.

In its development, Běhánky (called Pyhanken, sometimes Pihanken) was always an agricultural village, where vegetables and fruits were grown for the market in Teplice. The situation was similar in Drahůnky (Dreihunken). The significant development of both municipalities occurred in the 19th and 20th century, when workers working in nearby factories and mines began to settle here. For example, population of 681 persons in 1890 increased up to 1 121 people ten years later in Drahůnky.

The current status of the population is considerably lower and permanent loss is managed to stop in recent years. 855 inhabitants live in Běhánky and 292 people in Drahůnky. Perspective development of both parts of the village can be linked with gasification and partially implemented sewage. These utilities together with activation previously performed linear structures in the area around the Hus hill could be an assessment for individual family houses. A village square in Běhánky would then become a center site.

A certain problem of area development is in unblocking water supply zones in the river valley between the two former municipalities near Drahůnky sand pit.