Altenberg Mining Museum and Sightseeing Tunnel

75 Points of Interest

In the museum the visitors will get acquainted with the 550 year history of tin mining in Altenberg as the mining started there as early as 1440 and was only terminated as late as 1991. The sightseeing tour includes visiting the tunnel „Neubeschert-Glueck“. The sightseeing tunnel is 200 metres long. The visitors can opt for sightseeing and be also accompanied by a guide and can also see giant depression caused by underground mining. In Altenberg, specifically in the Zinnwald village, it is also possible to visit the Besucherbergverg Zinnvald mining tunnel. This extensive underground tunnel has length of 2,8 km and the sightseeing lasts more than one and half hours. The visitors will also see the underground frontier between Saxony and Bohemia.